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The 68360 hectare tenement is located in East Kalimantan on Borneo Island. Balikpapan, the provincial capital of East Kalimantan, lies 110 kilometres due NE of the tenement. There are regular daily commercial flights between Jakarta and Balikpapan International Airport. The flying time from Jakarta to Balikpapan is approximately two hours.

Tanah Grogot, a large well organised town with all modern amenities, is the closest town to the project area. By road Tanah Grogot is approximately 150 kilometres from Balikpapan. It takes approximately three hours to drive from Balikpapan to Tanah Grogot.

Locality map showing PT Batubara Selaras Sapta tenement area

From Tanah Grogot there are numerous secondary roads leading into the tenement. These secondary roads are unsealed roads which are generally in a good condition. These roads serve as access roads to villages. Within the tenement area there is also a network of plantation roads.

The Below Figure shows the roads and tracks travelled during the field visit. There are numerous other tracks within the tenement area not shown. Access within the tenement is excellent because of the comprehensive network of secondary and plantation roads.

From a logistical point of view the PT BSS tenement is well situated. The tenement area is very accessible by road from Balikpapan and Tanah Grogot. Access to the sea, particularly in the north eastern portion of the tenement is good. There are three major rivers within the tenement area from which coal can be barged to the open sea. Should a mineable reserve be delineated on the property transport costs to get the coal to tanker ships will be relatively low.

Land use within this huge tenement is varied..

Access roads within and around the BSS tenement travelled during the field visit. Length of scale bar on map is 13.6 kilometres