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Coal seam thickness

Drilling within the Bekorok Block has confirmed the existence of two coal seams. Seam A and Seam B have a respective thickness of 1.37 m and 2.96 m.

Outcrop mapping and drilling supposedly done before 2006 detected very thick coal seams at various localities within the larger tenement area. Coal seam thickness intersected in boreholes at Lempesu range from 2.73 to 49.27 metres. At Liburdinding recorded thicknesses of coal seam intersections range from 0.41 to 2.06 metres.

Number of coal seams

Drilling done by APAC has confirmed that there are two mineable coal seams developed in the Bekorok Block.

Calorific value

Average calorific values of the two seams drilled in the Bekorok Block are 4732 and 3560 cal/g. Although the calorific values are on the low side, it appears that there are other coal seams within the larger tenement area containing much higher calorific values.

Reported calorific values from the drilling supposedly done at Lempesu range from 5986 to 7637 cal/g. At Liburdinding the reported calorific values range from 5785 to 7670 cal/g.

Exploration potential

There are coal-bearing units developed throughout the PT BSS tenement. To date a relatively small percentage of the coal-bearing lithologies have been explored (mapped, sampled or drilled). The larger tenement area therefore holds immense exploration potential.

APAC’s 2006 drilling program was confined within the 8.9 km2 Berorok Block. Although 22 boreholes have already been drilled, this block holds additional exploration potential. Only the northern 2.2 kilometres of Seam A has been drill tested. The southern 2.2 km strike extension of Seam A has not been drilled. The southern strike extension of Seam A could contain an additional two to three million tons of coal.

Limited drilling has been done on Seam B. Although the calorific value of Seam B is low, this seam holds huge tonnage potential.

Seam A and Seam B developed in the Berorok Block occur in the Kuaro Formation. The Kuaro Formation extends 5 kilometres south and 12 kilometres north of the Berorok Block. Strike extension of the Kuaro Formation therefore holds excellent exploration potential.